NIPS Proceedingsβ

Csaba Szepesvari

14 Papers

  • Detecting Overfitting via Adversarial Examples (2019)
  • Think out of the "Box": Generically-Constrained Asynchronous Composite Optimization and Hedging (2019)
  • PAC-Bayes bounds for stable algorithms with instance-dependent priors (2018)
  • TopRank: A practical algorithm for online stochastic ranking (2018)
  • Multi-view Matrix Factorization for Linear Dynamical System Estimation (2017)
  • Following the Leader and Fast Rates in Linear Prediction: Curved Constraint Sets and Other Regularities (2016)
  • SDP Relaxation with Randomized Rounding for Energy Disaggregation (2016)
  • Combinatorial Cascading Bandits (2015)
  • Linear Multi-Resource Allocation with Semi-Bandit Feedback (2015)
  • Mixing Time Estimation in Reversible Markov Chains from a Single Sample Path (2015)
  • Online Learning with Gaussian Payoffs and Side Observations (2015)
  • Universal Option Models (2014)
  • Online Learning in Markov Decision Processes with Adversarially Chosen Transition Probability Distributions (2013)
  • Online Learning with Costly Features and Labels (2013)