NIPS Proceedingsβ

Amos J. Storkey

12 Papers

  • Covariance-Controlled Adaptive Langevin Thermostat for Large-Scale Bayesian Sampling (2015)
  • Continuous Relaxations for Discrete Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (2012)
  • The Coloured Noise Expansion and Parameter Estimation of Diffusion Processes (2012)
  • Neuronal Adaptation for Sampling-Based Probabilistic Inference in Perceptual Bistability (2011)
  • Hallucinations in Charles Bonnet Syndrome Induced by Homeostasis: a Deep Boltzmann Machine Model (2010)
  • Sparse Instrumental Variables (SPIV) for Genome-Wide Studies (2010)
  • Continuous Time Particle Filtering for fMRI (2007)
  • Modelling motion primitives and their timing in biologically executed movements (2007)
  • Learning Structural Equation Models for fMRI (2006)
  • Mixture Regression for Covariate Shift (2006)
  • Generalised Propagation for Fast Fourier Transforms with Partial or Missing Data (2003)
  • Dynamic Structure Super-Resolution (2002)