NIPS Proceedingsβ

Pierre Baldi

11 Papers

  • Searching for Higgs Boson Decay Modes with Deep Learning (2014)
  • Understanding Dropout (2013)
  • Prediction of Protein Topologies Using Generalized IOHMMs and RNNs (2002)
  • Universal Approximation and Learning of Trajectories Using Oscillators (1995)
  • Inferring Ground Truth from Subjective Labelling of Venus Images (1994)
  • Hidden Markov Models for Human Genes (1993)
  • Hidden Markov Models in Molecular Biology: New Algorithms and Applications (1992)
  • Computing with Arrays of Bell-Shaped and Sigmoid Functions (1990)
  • On the Distribution of the Number of Local Minima of a Random Function on a Graph (1989)
  • Linear Learning: Landscapes and Algorithms (1988)
  • On Properties of Networks of Neuron-Like Elements (1987)